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David Rubio, Cambridge, England, 1997. Guarneri del Gesu "Vieuxtemp" 1741 model. The one piece back of exceptional Bosnian maple has a bold medium flame descending slightly from right to left. The ribs are of the same wood. The neck and scroll are of similar wood. The one piece top of exceptional Bavarian red spruce has an even medium grain becoming wider at the edges. The varnish is a red brown pine resin oil varnish with special coloring using old recipe madder lake over a mineral ground. This instrument speaks to the eyes well before it sings to the ears. The tone is easily produced with the full range of colors, resonance, balance, and power one would expect from only the very finest instruments. For a remembrance of David click here. $20,000.

Aegidius Kloz, Mittenwald, 1787. Beautiful example of this fine Mittenwald maker. In an excellent state of preservation, this violin features a fine grained spruce top, stunning bird's eye maple back and ribs and lightly flamed maple scroll, all covered with a lustrous chocolate brown varnish. This is an outstanding professional quality violin, certified by Moennig and Son. $25,000.

"Cracovia", Poland, 2004. This beautiful violin is the most popular new product I have ever handled! The wood is expertly crafted in the shop of a prominent master maker under his careful eye. Made of both one and two piece backs, highly flamed with matching ribs and scrolls, they are varnished either in a rich nut brown or lovely slightly red brown. Fitted with rosewood pegs, tailpiece and end button. The tone is remarkably full, rich and powerful, as the plates are very carefully graduated and tuned. This is an outstanding violin for the better high school or beginning college music student. Although this line has been discontinued, I occasionally get them back in trade. I currently have one available in 3/4 size and one in 4/4. Attractively priced at $2200.

John Sipe, Charlotte, N.C.2001. I currently have several instruments by this prominent American maker. These are antiqued personal model violins, featuring both one piece and two piece backs. The tone is very strong and full. Sipe is recognized for his Presidential Violin Collection. Please call for pricing on John Sipe violins.

Phillip Achner, Mittenwald, ca. 1780. Typical of the Klotz school. Strikingly figured one piece back of well flamed maple. Dark nut brown varnish. Strength and sweetness of tone conbine with ease of playability. D'Attili appraised. Recently restored. $9500.00

Lucien Dolphyn, Brussels, 1939. Beautiful violin in nearly perfect condition. $15,000.

Joseph Rodier, Kansas City, ca 1930. Several examples of this highly respected American maker. $5,500.

"Jonathan Li", Beijing, 2009. The Eastman Violin company has recently introduced a line of violins that they offer to selected professional violin dealers that are referred to as the 500 Series. The Jonathan Li instruments are the best of the Chinese made violins and are beautiful both tonally and visually. These are master maker quality. The retail price is $4430.00 and we are offering them at a special introductory price of $2950.

Ernst Heinrich Roth, Markneukirchen. Amati, Stradivari and Roggeri models from the early 1920's. Constructed by master makers under the supervision of Roth. Beautiful examples of this fine shop. $7,500-10,000.

"Carlo Micelli", Markneukirchen, 1922. The Micelli violin displays the quality of workmanship and tone typical of the early 20th century work eminating from Markneukirchen, Germany. The response is quick and clean and the tone is well rounded and even throughout its range. This is an excellent choice of step-up violin for the advancing student. $2800 SOLD .

Antonio Gragnani, Livorno, 1786. Although labled Antonius Gragnani, this very fine violin is possible the combined work of Antonio and his son Onorato. The top is fashioned of strong grained spruce, and the back of slab cut maple. The outline, arching and sound-holes are reminiscent of Amati with a slight influence of Gagliano. Although not known for outstanding craftsmanship, Gragani's violins produce what Henley refers to as "an astonishlingly clear and liquid quality of tone". This example is exceptionally well preserved and still bears the original varnish. Slight worm damage on the back has been repaired. Brandstamped "AG" on the button and under the fingerboard and tailpiece. SOLD

English Violin, ,ca. 1825. This is a beautiful old English violin from the early 19th century. The tone is full, clear and strong. The violin is in excellent condition and appears to bear most of the original slightly reddish brown varnish. The scroll is grafted, the back is of well flamed two piece maple and the top is two piece spruce, fine grained in the center widening out toward the flanks. This is a good solid instrument suitable for professional use. $15,000. SOLD

Flemish, ca. 1720. This is possibly the most charming violin I have ever owned. It is typicial of many of the violins pictured in the Max Moller book, "The Violin-Makers of the Low Countries", considered to be the definitive volume on instruments of this area. The tone is full and silky sweet. Positively a joy top play. Certified by Wm. Lewis and Son, Chicago. $15,000 SOLD .

Joseph Klotz, Mittenwald, ca. 1795. Steiner/Amati model. Unlike many instruments from this period, the Klotz has survived with a clear strong voice. It is remarkably well preserved with no major repairs and only the usual amount of wear. This violin in a joy to play! With 1921 certificate from Gittelson & Howard, New York. SOLD

Workshop of Andrzej Swietlinski, Poland, 2009. We are pleased to announce the introduction of the Swietlinski violin from Nowy Targ, Poland. This violin has a nicely refined and full tone and is an excellent choice for the advancing student. This is a step-up from the Cracovia line which has been discontinued. $2780, SALE $2380.

Leon Bernardel, Paris ca. 1899. Guarneri pattern. This excellent solo instrument is in nearly perfect condition. The tone is full and powerful. Beautifully constructed with a two piece back of highly flamed maple with matching ribs and scroll. The top is spruce, fine grain becoming slightly wider at the flanks. The varnish is a rich golden red brown. D'Attili certified. SOLD

Andrea Cortese, Genoa, ca. 1935. A pupil of Cesare Candi and admirer of Pressenda, Cortese established in Genoa in 1920, moving to Milan in 1940. Crafted of beautifully flamed maple and fine even grained spruce, this violin is varnished with a rich red-brown over yellow ground. The tone is full and powerful, suitable for the professional solo or chamber player. With D'Attili certificate. SOLD

Stefano Conia, Cremona, 1996. Copy of Guarneri "Il Giovanni". Two piece back, ribs and scroll of Bosnian maple, top of Italian red spruce. Antiqued red/brown varnish. "Stefanino" is the son of the Cremonese master luthier Stefano Conia. $9500.SOLD

Laberte Humbert Freres, Mirecourt 1915. $5000.00 SOLD

Giasone Tomassucci, Rome 1944. In nearly mint condition with original label. Unusual to find wartime Italian violins. $12,000.SOLD

P. Franot, Mirecourt, ca. 1850. Good French violin of the late 19th century. Brandstamped. $6,000. SOLD

Francois Delprato, Toulouse, 1927. Excellent French maker worked in Paris, London, Chicago, New York, Mirecourt and Toulouse. This robust violin is brandstamped by the maker. $6,000.SOLD

M. Couturieux, Mirecourt, ca. 1890. Strong French violin in excellent condition. Original label. $5,500. SOLD

Josef Metzner, Sachsen, 1920. Large rich tone, beautiful dark varnish. $4,000 SOLD

Jacob Thoma, Boston, 1912. Modified Steiner model in excellent condition. Full rich tone with good penetration. $2800. SOLD .

"Andreas Eastman" This line of violins is one of the best values on the market today. Made in Beijing, they come in all sizes and have been highly acclaimed by Strings Magazine as "A Definitive Favorite" (see Strings, No. 96, August/September 2001). The wood is well aged and the craftsmanship is excellent. The dark brown varnish produces a stunning appearance and the tone is full, rich and penetrating. These are individually chosen and setup with Dominant strings and your choice of boxwood or Wittner Ultra tailpiece. Unbelievably priced at $960.00.

3/4 VIOLIN: Labled "copie de Antonius Stradivarius...", German, ca. 1900. Very good small instrument for the advanced student. Set up by Reunning. $1200.00 SOLD .

3/4 VIOLIN: "Williams Violin", China, 1995. Highly flamed maple back, ribs and scroll. Attractive medium brown varnish. Excellent tone. Regular price: $795.00. SALE: $595.00.

3/4 VIOLIN: "Medio Fino", Mirecourt, ca. 1920. Although rather plain, the Medio Fino instruments are respected for their tonal qualities. $750.00

3/4 VIOLIN: Marc Laberte, Mirecourt, ca. 1950. Well made French commercial instrument. $650.00

½ VIOLIN: labled :"Joseph Guarnerius...", German, ca. 1920. Exceptional small violin with unusually good projection. $650.00 SOLD

1/4 VIOLIN: labled "Made expressly for Dan Lawrence String Instruments, Kansas City, 1996". Superbly crafted small Chinese instrument shows great attention to detail in every aspect of construction. Huge tone! $650.00.

1/4 VIOLIN: Scott Cao, China, 1995. Highly flamed maple back and ribs, pretty red brown varnish. Retail $725.00, SALE: $495.00.

Note: Suzuki violins are stocked in all sizes.